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What is the minimum possible bet amount?

Minimum possible bet in Nigeria

Everyone has heard of the guy who makes colossal wagers and wins an enormous amount of money from them, but it’s more likely that you will be a cautious punter and wager with low sums. Some beginners even place the lowest possible amount so that they can get used to the way the website and betting in general work before they step it up.

That’s why some people are interested in knowing what the smallest amount that they can bet online is, so we have decided to create this article and answer their query.

What’s the smallest possible amount you can wager?

The answer to this question hugely depends on the website that you are using. The minimum amount often varies from ₦3 and ₦300 so that anyone can try their luck and make a bet. Here are the smallest possible amounts that you can best in some of the most popular bookmakers out there:

  • Bet365 – ₦30
  • Ladbrokes – ₦30
  • BetVictor – ₦15
  • Paddy Power – ₦30
  • 888Sport – ₦150
  • William Hill – ₦9
  • Stan James – ₦3
  • 10Bet – ₦30
  • Coral – ₦3
  • Unibet – ₦30

As you can see, the minimum wagering sum is insignificantly small and you can make a bet at each site to see how they work. However, we think that the minimum deposit amount is more important than this one, so if you want to find out more about that, check out the Deposit and Withdrawal section for a specific bookie in our bookmaker’s reviews.

Why should you place small wagers?

Small wagers in Betting

Some of the more experienced players probably are wondering why anyone would ask about the minimum betting amount and why you should even place small wagers in the first place. Here are some legitimate reasons for doing so:

  • You can place a small wager to see how betting works without losing a huge amount in the beginning.
  • You want to learn more about the bookmaker that you joined and don’t want to risk betting big before you have seen how the bookie operates.
  • You are betting on an event which has big odds and is unlikely to happen (for example 100/1), but you still want to try it out by betting a small amount.

Each person may have different reasons for wanting to bet small, but if this isn’t for you and you are more of a risk taker, we recommend going to our page about the maximum possible amount you can bet.

We hope that this article has provided you with some valuable insights on the minimum bet amount in different sports betting websites so that you can try them out (or gambling in general) without risking huge losses in the beginning of your journey and getting discouraged early on.